So, you get confused whenever you hire a writer or a writing agency hearing the same pinched: 

  • Well-researched content
  • Plagiarism-free & unique content
  • Engaging & persuasive article
  • SEO-optimized & user-friendly

Of course, as an SEOs & Content marketer, you will get convinced as you know what it means to get such kinds of articles. 

That type of content doesn’t only help to rank higher but also increase conversion rates. 

But the question is- is the writer or writing service provider really offering that kind of article? 

If you are like other clients of ours, then you will agree with us that most of them make empty promises. 

Yeah, they indeed provide copy-scape pass, error-free, and well-optimized content. 

But when it comes to the term “well-researched”, they fail to produce. Instead, they are professional writers who rewrite the same thing covered by the top-performing articles. 

So, do you want to get evergreen and 10x better content to make your traffic and revenue double? Do you want to be one of those 74% of people who get more traffic by publishing original research posts

Then, Writing Hacks will help you to skyrocket your website visibility & conversion by offering article writing services. 

Benefits of Working With Us

  • Write content meeting the user intent that helps to rank higher
  • Professional writers for writing specific categories’ article to ensure E-A-T
  • 100% plagiarism and error-free article
  • Includes keywords naturally
  • Keyword stuffing-free content
  • Well-optimized content
  • A team of expert writers
  • Offer Grammarly Premium Reports


SEO-Optimized Content 

We never break the rules of Google and never do keyword stuffing. Instead, our prolific writers bring keywords naturally where it makes sense. On top of that, they are masters at placing the keyphrase that boosts up your on-page SEO scores. The best part is- we also include LSI keywords to ensure the relevancy of that page. In simple words, we offer SEO-friendly content that helps to rank higher. 

100% Plagiarism-free

We don’t want to hurt your ranking by providing plagiarised content. Instead, we offer 100% unique and engaging articles that get love both from users and Google. To ensure uniqueness, we use Copyscape to check the originality of the copy our writers write. 

Revision & Proofread

No matter how expert the writer is and write content well, proofreading is a must. Our editorial team proofread every article to remove slung & repetitive words, break long sentences into short, and increase readability. Indeed, our editorial team revises and proofreads to make the content more engaging & compelling.


How much does it cost to write an article?

What are the steps to write an article?

How do you write a unique article?

To meet up your budget and requirements, we have four different packages. You can choose according to your needs.


1000 Words


Appropriate for Guest Post or Quora Answer

Writer having an experience with 0-1 year

Misspelling, punctuation mistakes may occur

Grammatical errors can happen in some sentences

Copyscape Pass Revision until you become satisfied


1000 Words


Appropriate For Anywhere

Writer having an experience with 2-2.5 years

Misspelling, punctuation mistakes aren’t likely to occur

Grammatical error rarely can happen

Copyscape Pass

Revision until you become satisfied

Some Engaging

Proofread By Intermediate Or Professional Writer


1000 Words


Appropriate For Anywhere

Writer having an experience with 3+ years

Misspelling, punctuation mistakes are rare

Grammatical errors aren’t likely to happen

Copyscape Pass

Revision until you become satisfied


Proofread By Highly Professional Editor

Professional Plus

1000 Words


Top Quality Native Writer

Writer having an experience with 5+ years

Free from Miss-spelling, punctuation mistakes

Free from Grammatical errors

Copyscape Pass

Revision until you become satisfied

Very Engaging

Proofread By Highly Professional Editor And If Need Rewrite by Them

Professional Native Tone

Don't Think Twice About Quality- Feeling Will be Just WOW Insha-allah


What are our stragies to write an actionable content?

Writing ain’t easy to everyone as singing or painting. We know it well, so we never hire a writer for your project who can only write plain text even though it is data-centric.

We focus on the following steps:

    1. Tell a story not describe the product or service
    2. We give our effort and time more on writing headlines and the very first 100 words
    3. Clarity starts from research and we write in clear voice so reader will understand and stay more time
    4. We pick simple words but explain difficult concept
    5. Writing for readers and simultaneously for Google AI
    6. Committed to deadlines
    7. Affordable compared to quality

How do we cope up to get rank higher with our non-native speakers?

Native speakers don’t write just like a non-native writer writes, so experience makes the difference. Also, a native speakers won’t be flawless in English they simply make terrible mistakes like a human. Our writer get the detailed instruction and then finally the proof-reader come and save them.

Do we provide cheap and high-quality contents in the same raw?

Cheap writers hang around below the feet of the quality writers and they never rise above the knee. Because, they trick every new and foolish client that they are offering services in low price.

It is true, many online marketers fall in such trap to get high quality in returns paying cheap.

Here is the example of cheap article writing, we can show you up countless errors however, we are showing off just glimpse of it.

How do we process the entire journey while arriving a fresh order for content writing service?

We accept the orders, if we may able to deliver the article on time. Because it takes time to produce quality article, also we are in fear of revisions with too many errors (It occurs seldom, not too often). So to deliver the order after curation, it may take 3 to 7 days depending on the number of words and standard research time.

Do we accept bulk amount of writing tasks?

Yes, we do but it all sets on a smooth negotiation between our CEO and a client. We try our utmost to ensure that we are going to provide the following outcome from the entire project:

Get more audience

Enjoy smooth journey to build-up Authority

Opportunities to turn your visitor into customers

We have ability to tell enchanting story

Content will stand-out and add more value

Afterward, we give time to our client to judge us not by our word of mouth rather from our quality-write up. The very first article pricing would be discounted so our client can evaluate it, however the quality of it will meet the premium. This is how we can sail a big ship of niche project.

Why choose a writing agency where you will have individual writers?

Individual writers are good, but the limitation is with the proof-reading. Nobody cares except the client whether the written article has met the quality. Even though a client will care about the piece of content to check after delivery, then it is not possible for bulk articles. So for a client with his bulk orders or a client who doesn’t find errors both have pain-points. Writing hacks save them from hurdle and take the in-charge of this role responsibly.

How do you assess our service?

Thanks to our blog-section and our sample articles from where you can read and learn. Finally, you will evaluate it and give us the right benchmark for our article writing.

We know all the content strategies are not meet the same platform. There are too many platforms and for each platform we either appoint the right writer or we will deal it for next time.

What if happen when a client will ask us for refund?

We have refund policies with conditions. If a client ask for refund and it utterly meets the rightful condition, yes will refund for sure.

In short, our policy is only deal with poor contents, if we ever deliver to our client

An example of such article:
Article comes with fluffy words like irrelevant texts, error in grammars, fail to meet the instruction and many more pitfalls.

What if happen when our delivery will procrastinate & client will screw up?

It is true procrastination before writing is not a new hurdle for a writer. Any writer may go under the writer’s block then it takes time to move on. If we take any advance payment, then one of our idle writer and proof-reader always go and sit for the injured writer. This is how we try to get over from procrastination

Quality or Quantity how do we balance between them and shift on the quality?

Google wants more content to and based on frequently. So it is really tough for every online marketers to churn out more content without compromising the quality first. Well, how do we deal with it then? Yes, we always come back to the quality articles so we never push our writer to produce 3 blog posts weekly where he is capable of producing one high quality content. Being greedy with delivering more contents may bring us more money but it impacts badly for the long-run.

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