What is Semantic Keywords: A writer must know to optimize an article

How to upgrade your ranking by understanding Semantic Keyword Research and update the content accordingly?

Have you seen the sessions of Sharlock homes or the movie? Not go nuts to hear about this amazing spy character here. Because, Google is another Sharlock who knows how to magnify the real search content.

So what’s help Google Search to understand more about people search quarry?

Yes, here is why we are talking about Semantic Search. The new update on December 3rd hit and crash many websites based on the poor semantic search.

What is Semantic Search?

Semantic words is the gem, it orbits around the main keyword. Google gives rank to such content which is more useful and relevant. The relevant content doesn’t mean the keyword stuffing rather it tells more in-depth story about the main keyword.

In affiliate marketing, the buying intent matters, indeed.

Let me figure it out giving you an example. The main keyword would be Best Laptop in Black Friday Sell

Here, they mean:

Do they want to buy a laptop?

What is about the occassion: Black Friday

Do they want to get discounts on Black Friday

Affordable price does a matter with this keyword

Latest Laptop or old one, which Laptop comes with more price-cut?

And, the search intent goes on……………………..

How to optimize your article for Semantic keywords?

The answer is:


Now the question comes up your mind, how to conduct an actionable research, right?

The best research means, you know your audience, and the best way to know your audience is to track them from social medias.

Let’s make it more interesting to you. For example, in real life when we want to understand someone, we read the recent Facebook post of him/her, allowing us to understand what’s in his/her mind, right?

Why not you will track your audience in the same way? Reddit: (the frontpage of internet) is the amazing place where you can track specific people with their specific buying intent.

If you are a writer, you must get guidelines from your client to put the keyword naturally. For example, when we talk about best laptop in Black Friday, then “best affordable laptop in 2020” LSI has to come in a natural tone.

To understand more about the main keyword and where it directs to the number of semantic keywords, an amazing tool would be

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By Imran

Imran is a professional Content writer and the founder of Writing Hacks