How To Earn Money By Writing Articles In Bangladesh

Want to earn hard cash in just a few months of training. Or if you are superb confident why not from next month? 

Writing is fun and when it turns out a money-making machine, this will make you amazed, for sure. 

But starting a writing career in Bangladesh is not that easy, you must have to face some issues. 

No worries, today we will talk about how to earn money by writing articles in Bangladesh and let you know a few effective guidelines as well.

How Can I Earn Money By Writing Articles? 

You can earn money online from writing but only when you are good at English.  Aside from that, you should know some SEO tips to optimize your writing for the website. 

No worries, the hacks are easy to understand, which takes only a week to execute. But the creativity of writing is the key here which you will come to develop over the years of practicing & learning. 

Freelance Market-place:

Before getting started with writing, you should come to know the marketplace very well. You will have the following marketplaces to start a freelance writing career: 

  1. Upwork

Upwork is the world’s most reputed marketplace right now, where you will have tons of writing jobs. The especially of this marketplace is to get long-term high-paying clients. But the drawback is with the limited connection for bidding. However, you still have space on it if you are ready to buy a few connects and utilize them well. 


  • Good payment rate
  • Long-term client


  • Clients are not easy to hook
  1. Fiver
How To Earn Money By Writing Articles In Bangladesh

Fiver starts with the idea of getting a freelancer for just 5$. While starting your writing career fiver is the cheapest choice but it is the place where you can easily hook clients without bidding like Upwork. 

If you know a little knowledge about low-competitive keyword research to rank your gig on fiver. You can get clients in just a week, believe it or not!

Moreover, for every gig on fiver, you can send 10 requests to buyers, who are looking for a writing service. 


  • Easy to hook clients
  • No need to bid


  • Earning is low compared to international pricing
  1. iWriter: 
How To Earn Money By Writing Articles In Bangladesh

iWriter is the only content-based marketplace where you can directly get the article tasks. But they are not currently taking writers from our location like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan regions. What you can do is to keep an eye on this site, whenever you get any opportunity never miss it. 

  1. Facebook Group: 

You would never know that facebook is the easiest platform to get hired from tomorrow. All you need to do to either hunt your client from Facebook Writing Group Post, or you can simply post by telling a few words about your expertise and your writing skill. 

How To Earn Money By Writing Articles In Bangladesh

By Imran

Imran is a professional Content writer and the founder of Writing Hacks