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We assess, we validate and we ensure the most satisfactory results through our expert writers alongside the SEO and developer team.

Article curation, strategic article plan & meet the deadline on time are what make WritingHacks as the best content writing service provider.

We produce fresh juice-like content which is easy to consume, scannable and push your site to raise more DA

Why Choose WritingHacks?

Writing Hacks know how content plays a big role to meet EAT-term for Google. We are glad to bring forth our most experienced writers to your project. Aside from that, we curate the work profoundly so we may meet your instruction. With us, you can drop your keywords and get it on time, no hassle at all.

We train up our writer to buy a ticket one but travel on two trains at the same time. That being said, the write up would be natural also. Here are the actionable plan that we take for your content too.

We focus on the following steps:

1. Tell a story not describe the product or service
2. We give our effort and time more on writing headlines and the very first 100 words
3. Clarity starts from research and we write in clear voice so reader will understand and stay more time
4. We pick simple words but explain difficult concept
5. Writing for readers and simultaneously for Google AI
6. Committed to deadlines
7. Affordable compared to quality

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"I learned how to write and discovered the joy of writing."


We understand that small businesses have unique needs and constraints. You don’t have the time or money to experiment with your advertising budget. You need your website to begin working for you, growing your bottom line, from the day it’s launched.

The most successful projects are built on a foundation of clearly-communicated goals and expectations with regard to functionality, schedule, and cost. Our projects are successful because we’ve built this foundation into our process and our culture.


We begin every project by assessing where you are with your website/application goals currently, what your current pain points are, and where you’d like to be. This stage is a lot like talking to an architect when you determine that you need to either remodel your house or simply build a new one. You’ll have lots of questions — you may want to know what new technologies are available; you also may just want to get an idea of cost. We’re happy to provide our insight and expertise. We provide this initial consultation free of charge.

Once you’ve decided to hire us, we’ll begin the strategy stage. In strategy we determine, in detail, exactly what your goals are and how we’ll achieve them. The result is a written document that we use to define the scope and cost, create a timeline, and define discrete tasks as well as to measure success on completion; this is the most important stage, and requires close collaboration with you (a time commitment on your part) to ensure we get it right.

Depending on the project, the Strategy Document may be a single paragraph or several pages, but we don’t begin work without a complete one.

Once we’ve clearly defined the goals of the project, we break them into collections of discrete tasks. These tasks are the detailed instructions we use to develop the application and create the finished product. Some of these tasks will be assigned to you: typically, we’ll need content (text copy, image assets) from you, and we’ll need it by a certain date. The Project Plan ensures that we’re all on the same page about what’s needed, who’s doing it, and when.


This is where the tasks are executed — typically, a lot coding and configuration. QA (quality assurance) is included in this stage. We do all of our development on staging servers separate from your live website, so there’s no risk of disrupting your users’ experience.


Once we’re all satisfied with the website/application in the staging environment, you’ll give us the thumbs up to show it to the world. We modify your production server with directives to ensure that you won’t lose any existing search rankings, move the code and database to your production servers, then call you to congratulate you!


Two weeks after launch of your new website/application/feature, we meet with you to discuss how we all feel the project went. We complete this process internally as well, but we’ve found that the end-of-project feedback we receive from our clients is invaluable — whether good, bad, or in-between.